Unplugged Social was started with the only purpose allowing everyone to discuss "their truth" about any subject without fear of censorship.

That of course does not mean everything written here is THE truth and is only the opinion of the writer and not that of Unplugged Social.

All we ask is for everyone to understand that the options discussed here may only be just that an opinion ... so check out anything that interests you from ALL sources and make your own mind up.

We do not censor but we do have 2 basic rules:

NO HATE SPEECH - Everyone is welcome here, any race, gender, sexual orientation or belief system. We absolutely welcome discussion about differences but if you hate any of the above so much that you need to express it this is not the place for you.

NO INCITEMENT OF VIOLENCE - Violence is counter productive and is exactly the excuse that authorities need to erode freedom of speech. We absolutely support the right to protest at any time about anything peacefully. If you believe that violence is the only way to achieve your goals this is not the place for you.